Cheerleading Essays

  • The History Of Cheerleading

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    In 2017, cheerleading is known for all of its rigorous stunts, tumbling, and cheers. However, cheer has not always been portrayed this way. Cheerleading began as a small group of people yelling unorganized chants to cheer for a football team or other sports teams. Great Britain started the trend of unorganized chanting in 1883, but in 1884 the first official cheer was performed at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey (“History of Cheerleading”). From 1880 to 2017, cheerleading has become

  • Cheerleading Narrative

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    It’s been said that effort, determination and attitude are key to success. Since my 7th grade year, I have been in cheerleading. Beginning my freshman year, cheerleading tryouts were something I would have to endure throughout all of high school. Before my freshman tryout, I worked on learning eighty five cheers in approximately three weeks. I watched videos, went over the motions and practiced jumping on the trampoline for around three hours a day. Being the perfectionist I am, I wanted to look

  • Competitive Cheerleading

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    since I was 6 years old. I typically cheer for two teams. One team is a competitive cheerleading team and it is in Knoxville. The other team is here at the high school. However, this year, I have been unable to cheer for the competitive team in Knoxville. My team’s name was Viper. As much as I loved the competitive cheering for Viper, I had to stop because of another back injury I had. During high school cheerleading, I have been able to be hurt and still be on the team; however, on my or any competitive

  • Cheerleading Stereotypes

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    all are entitled to our opinion of sports. Therefore like Football, Cheerleading and even Tennis. But cheer has a lot of opinions of if it is determined as a sport or not. For instance reasons why cheer is or is not determined as a sport is, stereotypes, sideline cheer, and sport qualifications. For example, Cheerleading is or is not determined as a sport is by stereotypes. Starting off, in the article Myths About Cheerleading and Cheerleaders, Valerie Ninemire, “They are as old as the sport itself:

  • Cheerleading And Dance

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    Some people don 't think that cheerleading and dance are considered as a sport.Just because cheerleading and dance are not a contact sport,it doesn 't mean t 's not a sport.Everyone has different views on if cheerleading and dance is a sport.People who never dance or cheer before don 't know how much it takes to be a dancer or a cheerleader.I strongly believe that cheerleading and dance are sports.Let me show you some of the examples I came up with in the next few paragraphs. One of the many reasons

  • Cheerleading Stunts

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    CHEERLEADING A lot of people think that cheerleaders are just there to be pretty. That is not true, though. There are a lot of things to do just to get on the team like being in shape. In my paper I will explain that. I have been on the team so I know, there are chants, stunts, and gymnastics. Cheerleading is hard work. One thing I have to work hard at is the form and yelling loud enough when I am doing chants. Chant are the words that the cheerleaders yell. The form has to be close to perfect

  • Cheerleading Essay

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    International Olympic Committee Recognizes Cheerleading as a Sport Gymnastics was apart of the very first Olympics, figure skating was added in 1908, and synchronized swimming in 1984. All of these sports are closely related to cheerleading, yet cheerleading today is not apart of the Olympics as well. Gymnastics tumbling is the same tumbling that cheerleaders do in a routine but some people still say that gymnastics is more of a sport than cheerleading is. Figure skaters have a set routine that they

  • Essay On Cheerleading

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    Cheerleading: Is It a Sport? You do cheer your whole life and do just as much as other athletes. Someone walks up to you and says cheer isn’t a sport. How would you respond? Competitive cheerleading has become one of the fastest growing activities in the country. There is competitive cheer and non-competitive, know as school cheer. Although there is a big difference that people don’t know about. While it’s true competitive cheer would seem like it’s not a strenuous activity, but competitive cheer

  • Cheerleading Argumentative Analysis

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    poststructuralist reading of cheerleading states cheerleading as a discursive practice that has changed significantly in the past 150 years to accommodate the shifting and often contradictory meanings of normative femininity. Overall they argue that cheerleading is surrounded by gender. A gendered activity reconstructing feminism and what people typically think about women in sports. With cheerleading transitioning into a female dominant activity, it comes with some negative stereotypes. Cheerleading is also described

  • Cheerleading Accomplishments

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    Many people have good and bad experiences about the sports or hobbies they love. For myself, cheerleading is one of those that I have excelled in due to the amazing coaches that have taught me. It is not only a skill, but a respectable title in my eyes. Although I have grown a love and passion for cheer, it was not easy at first glance. Unfortunately, failure came before success. This experience has aided me in all other aspects of my life, because it serves as an encouragement whenever something

  • Popularity Of Cheerleading Essay

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    As a competitive mix of various sports, cheerleading is a new sport with an internationally rising popularity. Competitive cheerleading has become increasingly difficult throughout the last ten years and school cheer has increased in difficulty as well. With the rising of cheerleading, it is no surprise that more people have become interested in the sport. Princeton in the 1880’s formed an all-male pep club. Thomas Peebles took the Princeton cheers to the University of Minnesota. At that time football

  • Cheerleading Classification Essay

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    How many people think cheerleading is a sport? According to the Google Dictionary, a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another for entertainment, and cheerleading follows these guidelines. There are a three different types of cheerleading. The first one is sideline cheering, which is like high school cheer. The second one is competition and the last one is college cheer. A sport says that you must physically exert

  • Stereotypes Of Cheerleading

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    What do you think of when someone asks you, what is a cheerleader? The way many people across the globe view cheerleading is merely a stereotype. This stereotype consists of the idea that all cheerleaders are pretty, overly enthusiastic girls that lack intelligence and athletic abilities. Many people have decided on these grounds that cheerleading cannot be considered a sport, but what exactly constitutes a sport? Generally, any activity that requires physical demand, risk, skill, and commitment

  • The Benefits Of Cheerleading

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    dedicated to cheerleading as a regular person is to going to their job each day. Cheerleaders, on average, spend about 10-12 hours a week in the gym. That is just to make one game look good. People think traditional cheerleading is not a sport because they do not compete like other sports. Just because cheerleaders do not compete against another team, does not mean they aren’t fighting for the audience 's attention, and trying their best to get the team pumped and ready for the game. Cheerleading is defined

  • Cheerleading: A Sport

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    Cheerleading could easily become a recognized sport. There will need to be clear definitions, standard rules, safety regulations, competition rules, and judging regulations. When cheerleading becomes a sport then the athletes that compete would achieve higher recognition that they do now and become entitled to full college scholarships. The benefits to making cheerleading a standard sport outweigh the costs. Competitive cheerleaders are required to acquire many skills before they can get chosen for

  • Persuasive Essay On Cheerleading

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    Many people may think that cheerleading looks easy or is not that dangerous, but that is why cheerleading is like an illusion. On the field or mat cheerleaders make what they do look like no big deal, but there is a curtain separating the fun spirit from the menacing risks of the sport. Sometimes one is able to catch a glimpse behind the curtain when mishaps happen like a stunt falling or a mess up in a tumbling pass. These injuries that come from the mishaps used to be less occurring when the sport

  • Is Cheerleading A Sport Essay

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    Cheerleading to be Considered a Sport? Cheerleading was at first created as a form of entertainment for crowds at football games in 1898; yet, over 100 years after the creation of the activity, cheerleading has not evolved very much. Cheerleaders tumble and perform stunts to entertain the fans and attract attention during half times and time outs. Yet many question if the activity is truly a sport? Some believe, due to the level of skill and flexibility required, it is considered a sport. However

  • Differences In Competitive Cheerleading

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    Cheerleaders and cheerleading have always gone hand in hand with American sports since the beginning of their existence. Since then, the sport has evolved into a new branch: competitive. In this term paper I will be discussing the differences in football cheerleading and competitive cheerleading. Cheerleading was originally a sport for men . It originated in the late 19th century at the University of Minnesota when their football team was losing at a game. Johnny Campbell, a student who had attended

  • Cheerleading A Sport Essay

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    flung into the air. Cheerleading is intense and fiercely competitive but most people deny the fact that cheerleading is an actual sport. The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment” (“sport”,par1). This definition applies to cheerleading just as much as it does any other “sport.” Meaning, cheerleading is and should always be considered a “sport.” Cheerleading requires both technical

  • The Pros And Cons Of Cheerleading

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    comes to a person's mind, but it's never cheerleading. This may be because cheerleaders don’t: throw, kick, or hit a ball around. Even though cheerleading doesn’t include a ball doesn’t mean it isn’t a sport. Cheerleaders may not pass balls around to each other, but we lift girls who are over a hundred pounds. I don’t think there’s any difference between cheerleading and the “regular sports” except for the fact that the other sports include balls, but cheerleading involves pretty much the same things