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  • Free Argumentative Essays: What Is Cheerleading?

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    What is Cheerleading? For centuries, spectators have cheered for people playing sports. Still, cheerleading did not officially being until 1898. Johnny Campbell, a student at the University of Minnesota, led the crowd at the football game in a famous cheer. He yelled," Rah, Rah, Rah! Shu-u-mar, Hoo-Rah! Hoo- Rah! Varsity! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tahh!" This cheer is still used, Thoes who use it today use the name of their team or school. Cheerleading is more than leading crowds in cheers. Cheerleaders

  • Cheerleading Classification Essay

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    is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another for entertainment, and cheerleading follows these guidelines. There are a three different types of cheerleading. The first one is sideline cheering, which is like high school cheer. The second one is competition and the last one is college cheer. A sport says that you must physically exert yourself. In cheer, especially competitive, you work on routines a hundred times to make them

  • Personal Narrative: A Day In The Football Field

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    The day had finally come. The day that I could so everyone what I can do. But if I mess up then hundreds of people would see. Then we arrived at the football field, as I stepped off of the bus, my body filled with excitement to finally be one of the stiles cheerleaders. My friends and I ran onto the field and looked up to see the huge stadium. The rows went on and on. I could tell that some other cheerleaders were nervous too. Then as we set our stuff down our coach yelled at us to get into our

  • Persuasive Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport

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    All star cheerleading competition they are competing against other cheerleaders to win”. But when people say that that cheering is not a sport I say I would like to see all them do the flips that we do and how many times we do it in a row. Can’t you just respect our sport like we respect yours,when the cheerleaders at at a football game or or a basketball game they are cheering you on and trying to have better cheers than the other

  • Essay On Cheerleading Is A Sport

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    is a physical activity that is governed by rules under which a winner is declared and its primary purpose is to compare the skills of the participants. These rules are the exact same rules any other sport such as football or basketball but because cheering doesn’t involve manipulating a ball Americans think that it shouldn’t be considered a sport. However, gymnastics is sport and even showed on the Olympics and cheerleaders do the same thing that gymnastics do just not on a beam. Same thing with dancing

  • Cheerleaders Research Papers

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    Having summer camps and practices to better their chances at winning and to heighten the spirits of the football crowd, cheerleaders worked hard all summer long. With a private day camp given by cheerleaders from Gardner-Webb University, the LHS cheering squad is ready to bring more attitude and spirit this season. As the new coach for the 2015 football season, varsity cheer coach Faynette Waldrop is all about

  • Informative Essay On Cheerleading Stereotypes

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    Informative Essay on Cheerleading Stereotypes In today's world, cheerleading is looked at more as a way to pick up all the guys than as a sport. Cheerleading was made for the dumb of dumbest blondes that have nothing better to do then pick on people and rule the school while wearing extremely short skirts, while trying to steal your man. Wouldn’t you want to be a cheerleader if you were getting all the guys you wanted? I'm going to teach you how to be the best cheerleader you can be in ten short

  • Cheerleading Informative Speech

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    Minnesota sports games. Then, on November 2, 1898, Johnny Campbell was recognized to be the world’s first official cheerleader. Today, people often think of cheerleading as a sport meant for girls, even though girls didn’t start cheering until the year of 1923. It was only when women joined cheerleading that they began to use

  • Cheerleaders Persuasive Essay

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    Cijae Snodgrass 5th Hour Cheertastrophe When you are in front of a crowd of fans and they are all cheering you on it is the best feeling in the world. Whether you are winning or losing the excitement of the fans can keep our spirits high. Cheerleaders are the people who keep the crowd cheering and keep the team motivated. Their amazing stunting and routines get the crowd on their feet and cheering their team on. Cheerleading should not be regulated because of dangerous stunting or even so called

  • Persuasive Essay On Marching Band

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    “Liberty-Eylau High School Band, you may take the field for performance.” It is a Friday night, and the stadium lights are glaring down on the fifty-yard line. As the band marches into opening set, fans are cheering and screaming the names of certain members. Every person watching enjoys the aspects we portray, but no one truly understands what work went into making the formations they see and playing the music they hear. Although being a member of the high school’s marching band has its challenges

  • Becoming A Cheerleader Essay

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    My goal in life is to become an athlete, specifically a cheerleader. In my four years of cheering I have been impacted by many ups and downs, like school. The athlete’s below are amongst many of my favorite, and also were able to overcome the many obstacles thrown their way. One of my favorite athletes would have to be tennis player Serena Williams. Serena is my favorite athlete because of her many accomplishments she has made throughout her career, one being have the most major singles

  • Cadiz Biddy Football: The Spot Role Model

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    the “Superbowl”. Along with the football program is a cheerleading program. Girls third through sixth grade sign up every year to cheer for the four quarters of every football game, along with doing a routine to entertain fans at halftime. I began cheering for this program in the third grade. I remember the pride I felt while wearing my Cardinal uniform (that was five years old, smelled bad, and was three sizes too big for me.) Each year I worked hard to

  • The Roped Course Observation Report

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    On day two of retreat, my group and I went on the high roped course, which I was really excited for. There were four different courses you could do, however with our big group and long lines, I only had time to do 2 of them. The first one I did was called the Leap of Faith. This is because in the course you climb up a tree using a ladder and some stakes already placed in the tree to get up to a platform about 30 feet above ground. From there, still attached to the harness, you jump out from the platform

  • Personal Narrative: My Passion Of Cheerleading

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    I have been cheering for five years now. I can not remember the times when I was not a cheerleader, it is hard to imagine myself doing anything other than cheer or simply not cheering at all. I fell in love with the sport and within time, my passion towards it grew even more. Cheerleading consumed my life, it was my only focus. I was fortunate enough to grow up with coaches that pushed me to reach limits I did not even know I had, as well as teammates whom I shared the same passion towards the sport

  • Basketball Cheer: Differences Between Football And Basketball

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    Football Cheer and Basketball Cheer The crowd is screaming, sweat is dripping, and the cheerleaders are cheering. All of which happen at both football and basketball games. The past four years I have been a cheerleader for both sports. There are many differences between football and basketball cheer. As a cheerleader, stunting is a big part of what happens at sporting events. At a football game we are only allowed to perform two stunts. Whereas in basketball, we have the ability to do six stunts

  • The Importance Of Competitive Cheerleading

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    Why should competitive cheerleading be legalized as a sport? Do you consider competitive cheerleading a sport? I do for many reasons, but the US court does not. Quinnipiac University volleyball players and coach sued the school for outing the volleyball team, and replacing it with a competitive cheerleading program. The volleyball team claimed the schools action violated Title IX with a federal judge agreeing because cheerleading isn’t a sport. Appeals court said “We do not foreclose the possibility

  • Competitive Cheerleading Research Paper

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    their coaches.” Many people fail to distinguish the difference between school and competitive cheerleading. School cheerleaders are mainly targeted for getting the crowd involved with team cheers, and most importantly, pushing the sport they are cheering for, to a victory, which would not be considered as a sport. But as for competitive cheerleading, it should be considered as a sport.

  • Cheerleading Is Not A Sport Essay

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    3 competitions a year. Finally, I believe that cheerleading is not a sport is because when you go to a football game or basketball game, you’ll see the cheerleaders on the sideline cheering their team on. They will have a bunch of makeup on, try and make their hair look perfect, and wear short skirts while cheering the for the actual sport being played. They aren’t getting all dressed up to compete against anyone or try to win anything but rather to feel good and look good. I think in sports, that

  • Definition Essay: Humorous Or Cheerful?

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    used particularly at athletic contests. In any large college there are several leaders, chosen by the students, who stand in front and call for the different songs and cheers, directing with their arms in the fashion of an orchestral conductor. This cheering and singing form one of the distinctive features of inter-collegiate and scholastic athletic contests in America. Organised chants in North American sports are rarer then in their European counterparts, but some teams have their special routines

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Cheerleader

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    After cheering for 4 years, I can tell you that being on a team is way more than just “doing stuff together”. It’s encouraging each other, having one another's backs, and being more than just friends; but being a family too. And just like family members fight,