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Four million Americans are currently wearing braces, that will soon have straight teeth. It is orthodontists that allow people to have straight teeth and that make patients confident in their smile. Orthodontist’s look at patient's teeth and determine the path that will be taken to allow them to have the perfect teeth that everyone dreams about. Orthodontic assistants put braces on, do regular checkups, change wires and fix any complications that the patients have. Orthodontic assistant are more independent, and do more work than dental assistants do. The environment at an orthodontist office is often very happy, energetic and lively. With this kind of environment you will tend to have happy patients. To be able to pursue my dreams to become a orthodontic assistant would be a dream come true. This career makes me happy as a person and is something that I would never get tired of doing. I am very passionate to put smiles on patients faces daily, and seeing them become happier and wanting to smile more. The following qualities that I possess are hardworking, understanding, and willingness to work as a team. Being able to hear what others have to say and their reasoning is important to me, and also …show more content…

Also Chapel Hill is a school that you can further your degree to become a orthodontist and even dental surgery. At Greensboro Technical Community College you will leave being able to be a part of the dental team performing chairside or laboratory procedures, and will have clinical experience with hazardous scenarios. Lake norman dental assisting school offers an orthodontic assisting program, which is online but requires an 11 week hands on clinical and 20 hours of shadowing an orthodontist. Orthodontic assisting is a job that doesn't require a lot of schooling, but enough to learn all you need to

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