Personal Narrative: My Clinical Observation At Skyline Hospital

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I did my clinical observation at Skyline Hospital in White Salmon, Washington. I am currently a receptionist at Skyline, which made it easy for me to find a hospital that was willing to let me shadow their radiology department. I was lucky that I had worked with the techs in the radiology department before. Having that familiarity made me much more comfortable shadowing and asking questions. I took this job at Skyline specifically to learn more about a hospital environment and how hospitals run.
The techs a shadowed during this observation were amazing people that share with me valuable information. During slow times they would help me with school options and where they went to school, and what they liked about it and what they didn’t. Everyone seemed very excited about my interest in radiology and was more than happy to answer any questions that I had. The techs I shadowed seemed happy to have me tag along in their exams and made sure to explain anything that I didn’t understand.
I was able to observe four modalities, x-ray, CT, ultrasound, and MRI. The most popular modality by far was x-ray. If I were to estimate how many x-rays I overserved, I would guess around 75-100 in just the five days I observed …show more content…

Although while I learned about ultrasound in this class when I observed it in real life it wasn’t as fascinating as it was during class. I found it hard to decipher organs on the ultrasound monitor and didn’t really grasp what the ultrasound tech was talking about. The ultrasound tech was a great person to work with and was very humorous with his patients and me. He was very helpful when I had a question and tried hard to explain what he was looking at on the monitor to me and the patient. I feel like I would have found it much easier to see structures in the ultrasounds if there had been an ultrasound of a baby or something that was easier to see but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see such an

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