Morehouse School Of Medicine: Personal Statement

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Morehouse School of Medicine prides itself on improving the health and well being of people of color and those in underserved populations, which I believe is congruent with my aspirations. As a teen, I spent my first two years of high school living in Montego Bay, Jamaica. My experience as an underserved minority living in the Caribbean allowed me a direct view of the health care disparities in an underserved population and gave me the unique perspective into the needs of this cohort. After that time, I went on to attend an inner-city high school plagued by violence and drug abuse. During my senior year alone, I lost three of my classmates to gun violence. These experiences are just two of many that have influenced my decision to work in a similar environment upon my completion of medical school. …show more content…

During my undergraduate and graduate years, I maintained full-time employment to ensure college remained affordable for my family and I. Hence, my employment experiences have provided me with a great respect for social and ethical views that differ from my own which will allow me work well with others from diverse backgrounds. In addition, my extensive employment history has granted me with the work ethic required to endure the strenuous work schedule of both a medical student and physician. Furthermore, working at the University of Miami Hospital, specifically, has enlightened me about the practicalities of providing direct patient care. Ultimately, being able to work while enrolled full-time in courses has taught me the art of time management; a trait I believe will be essential to my success while in medical

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