Brione Garrett Case Study

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Brione Garrett Single Day Surgery Clinical Ashley Tyler/ Mark Potvin Today I got the opportunity to go to the single day surgery clinic for a clinical rotation. I arrived at about six fifty to be a little early. When I arrived, I received a badge to be able to get through the building since it’s a locked unit, which means that you must have badge access to be able to get into the operating rooms or any areas that aren’t patient rooms. When I walked in the nurses were doing their daily huddle. That when they talk about how many surgeries they will have that day, and if they are missing any nurses or doctors. I got to meet all the nurses from both the post and pre-operative side. I had previously worked with a few of the nurses before at …show more content…

They checked her vitals and made sure she had a ride home and got her dressed and she was on her way. The next procedure I saw was a meniscus arthroscopy. The patient was brought into the operation room and set up by placing the affected knee onto what looked like a jack to keep it bent but up enough so that the doctor could work on it. His assistant was also there he would hold the tools that he would need. This procedure they used gas anesthesia given through an oxygen mask. Once the patient was asleep, he started by making a small incision on the kneed and inserting the scope which showed a full picture on the camera screens. One of his tools vacuum sucked all the torn ligament pieces away to make it easier to see the part that needed fixed. I got to see the ACL ligament and the meniscus. The doctor stated that it wasn’t as bad as many cases he had seen. When he was done taking out all the torn parts he left, and the assistant sewed her up, the patient was then taken back to get ready for discharge. All in all, I saw a lot of things and got tons of experience. It was also awesome to get to see all the old friends who I hadn’t seen in a while and they really

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