Deep Run High School Research Paper

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Deep Run High School - Center for Information Technology
I spent my high school life as a student in the Center for Information Technology. During this time, I took courses on Project Management, Web Development, Programming, and participated in a multitude of student activities. If you would like to know more about this, visit the CIT website.

Some of my favorite projects I worked on as a student with my peers:

The Revolution Group - Richmond, VA - Web Developer2016
I Want Scrum Training - Mike Visdos - Scrum Master/Designer2015
Virginia Star - Team member2014
Swimmetro Management2014-2015 Summer
I worked as a lifeguard at my local pool. It was an overall positive experience, and taught me skills I needed for future occupations, …show more content…

I enjoy the thrill of beating my opponent with a strategy they haven 't thought of, as well as recognizing that I 've completely messed up - and lost. As a result, I found myself in chess club. At school, I would play my friends and rivals in chess almost every morning and lunch. In addition, I 'd play online at home. Chess is such a great game to get my mind off of things and have some fun. I plan to play chess for a long time.

Computer Science National Honor Society - Club Member2016-2017 School years

Learning outside of school
I really enjoy arguing. Not because I win, but because I learn something. I love staying after school and talking with my teachers at high school may be the only opportunity I have to do so. I would discuss anything; Things I don 't understand, ideas and thoughts I have, and positions I had on certain issues. Almost every time, I 'd walk away just thinking for a long while on the bus right home about whatever I had talked about. Physical science and computer science happened to be that topic most of the time. I feel it was necessary and worthwhile, because most of what you learn isn 't in the school curriculum.

Natural Language Processing Research

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