Unit 10 P1 Research Paper

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P1 Explain the issues organisations must consider when planning computer systems maintenance The issues that organisations must consider when planning a computer system are as follow; Employee and Employer Responsibilities - It is the Cortex’s’ responsibility to make sure the employee is allowed to have scheduled breaks when they require them. As part of their contract they also have to provide the employee with the correct ergonomic equipment so they can do their job and work efficiently, this means that the employee is more effective and reliable when working from their desk as they have the correct equipment. Employees also have a responsibility this is making sure they use the business network entirely for work related purposes and not for downloading anything that infringes the contractual agreement they have in place this is known as the Acceptable Usage Policy. Cortex is also protected by the Computer Misuse Act. …show more content…

The reason for legislation is because the company has to have laws that are set out in their documentation that outlines what has to be done in a certain instance i.e. fire; if there was a fire in the workplace the company will provide the correct equipment. With anything electrical it has to pass the Portable Appliance Testing, this means that the application has passed and means it is safe to use. The policy is that supports legislation is put in place to make Charlie’ aware of the laws that have been set out by management. The procedure is that they know what to do when dealing with a

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