Lessons Learned During My Freshman Year Of High School

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We all remember how terrified, clueless and lost we felt during our freshman year of high school. By the time sophomore year rolls around, you have a decent amount of friends, you know where your homeroom is, and you 're pretty much used to everything the school has to offer. During my freshman year, I felt the most typical emotions a freshman would feel from starting a new school. Similarly, in the beginning of my sophomore year, I experienced some of the same emotions as a result of transferring to a new school. The ninth grade was not a great year for me academically, socially and emotionally. On the contrary, despite feeling lost again in the tenth grade, I had one my the best years in high school. I 've always stood for diversification. I like to engage and interact with different types of people. For my freshman year, I attended a school near a city that wasn 't diverse. I had nothing against being around this, but all my life I was used to suburban schools, where there was a good variety of everyone. That year, I did not have any friends, even though I was around other freshman new to the school. Everyone knew each other and had their own clique they would hang out with, which left me alone. At this school, my peers treated each other with disrespect. Of course, I had people to talk to, but they were not the ones I wanted to call my friends. I …show more content…

Conversely, when I transferred schools for my sophomore year, it was as diverse as New York City. Unlike my first school located near the city, this new school was pinpointed right in the middle of the suburbs. I finally felt like I belonged there, yet again I naturally felt lost in a sea of people. Just like my freshman year, everyone in my grade actually knew one another. Instead of ignoring me, my peers knew that I was a newbie in the school, so a lot of them ventured out of their way to get to know me. Despite being the new kid, I felt welcomed and comfortable in my new school and easily made a lot of

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