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Personal Statement
At the age of 14, my family and I moved left the comforts of Los Angeles, California to adventurous and unknown Nicaragua. Why Nicaragua? My parents are proud Nicaraguans and moved to the United States for a better life before my birth. I had previously visited the raw and untainted country but I was now there for the long run. I was able to attend an international and American accredited high school. I eventually returned to the United States to finish my bachelor’s degree. During my life altering time in Nicaragua I learned three life lessons that up to this moment has assisted my professional career.
Lesson 1: Adaptability
Leaving all you know and entering a new school is not easy. As sophomore in a new school in a completely different country it was rough at first, but you learn to adapt. Adapting to a new country, friends, teachers, and culture. I had to adapt in every aspect in my life. This skill has benefitted my professional career and life as I am able to adapt to various
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Living in the United States it is easy to be ungrateful for what we might consider the bare minimum. Therefore I have learned to be grateful for every opportunity that is allotted to me. I make the best out of every situation with a smile on my face because there is always someone worse off than you.
As a Public Health professional these life lessons have molded me to be the individual I am today. An individual for a passion to plan, implement and evaluate public health programs and policies. An individual that adapts to change. An individual that has learned to love and embrace working with different cultures and an individual that shows gratitude for opportunities. I believe these traits will make me a stronger and a distinguished public health

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