What Does Success Mean To Me Essay

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What does success mean to me? It means accomplishing things in life and reaching your goals. Everyone has a different view of what success actually is. Success also means setting a goal and reaching it in a time frame you set for yourself. For example I believe finishing college and gaining a career in a field you love is being successful because it is a goal that can be achieved. Another person might think of success as making millions of dollars and having a huge house with nice cars this is also an achievable goal. I want nothing more than to graduate with a degree and start my career as a dental hygienist. A short term goal that will help me become successful is studying to ace every test given to me. Beginning solid study habits right …show more content…

I learned that any barrier you face there is always an option to overcome it and be successful. I can grow by working my hardest on my school work and never giving up, even when things get hard. I also learned that time management is a very great skill to obtain at this time in my life, because college courses take time, effort, and lots of patience. I must give myself time to prepare for class work and especially exams. Having a schedule for my school work and my personal life is the best choice to help me stay on track. To make sure I keep my busy schedule straight I write everything down in a planner so that I don 't forget doctor 's appointments, when exams are, and family events, ect.. I am grateful I had to write this paper, because it made me realize how challenging my barriers will be to overcome, and how much they will affect my life. This assignment made me realize what I really wanted to do with my life as far as my career and my outlook on life as a whole. The paper helped me make a plan to overcome my barriers by never giving up, taking pride in my school work, showing me how difficult life will be, even though I know I can do it. I can grow by following my plan because it is a plan to help me become successful not only in small things like my homework assignments, but as well as graduating and receiving my degree, and taking care of my

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