Emma Tenayuca Essay

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Each and everyone has our own idea of how success looks like. But for me, success is something that you’ve worked so hard to get to that you now have pride to have or be. But success isn’t so easy to reach. There's going to be challenges and times where one thinks they won't succeed. Its when you’ve flourished to the point where you’re happy with the placement of your life. Emma Tenayuca, was a Mexican American labor leader, union organizer and educator. She comes from a family of eleven, but began living with her grandparents. She was born into a Tejano family who lived in South Texas. The Tenayuca were hit hard by the Great Depression. But this opened her eyes to the struggles of labor workers. This is where she began to get interested in activism and activist. At the age of sixteen, she was arrested for joining a strike against Finck Cigar Company. But she was later arrested for the second and third time for disrupting peace during a nonviolent protest. …show more content…

She was extremely passionate about labor rights which led her to forming a protest over the torturing of Mexican Migrants by the border. Her need to have labor workers have better opportunities in their lives led her to join the Communist party. She was also extremely ardent towards minorities rights and placement in society. Emma Tenayuca was a well known communist but this led to her being well know positively and negatively. But this did not affect the way she fought for the rights of minorities. She served as an executive secretary for The Workers Alliance of America, which basically was a political organization that was used to help unemployed workers under a single banner. This Workers Alliance of America supported the Pecan Shellers Strike that Emma was involved in. But in general this company was created to help those who were working in the poor working conditions that Mexican laborers were suffering

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