Goal Essays

  • Goals To Achieve Goals

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    achieving goals there always hard work that needs to be done. Most people believe that they do something big by their size or how they look but that not always true when reaching/getting a goal. This can apply to anywhere in life including High school. Going through High school or freshman year will take all the hard work that a person puts into it. Three goal I achieved Freshman year was to maintain a 3.5 GPA, stay in a positive mood, and to be a starter in football and Lacrosse. Firstly, one goal I achieved

  • Cybersecurity Goals

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    "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible", (Tony Robbins). This indicates striving to be successful even if it means failure. I plan on achieving my main goal so I can have a bright future in my career path. In order to achieve my life goal, I have already begun to work towards my goal and I plan to continue with an organized plan. Both short-term and long-term goals will help me set a better understanding of a successful future. My life's goal is to join the field

  • My Writing Goals

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    Michigan College three goals that I want to achieve are, first is to complete my bachelor of science in Nursing in 2 years. Next is to become the best business women ever seen or heard all over the world. I want to step out from my comfort zone and accomplish those 2 goals that will change my whole life in the future. I want to learn. I want to feel or be challenged. I want to create something that is mine. Lastly I want to make my parents proud. I believe if I stick to my goals while studying at Lake

  • Achieve Smart Goals

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    SMART goals should be specific and need to clearly state what is to be achieved, by whom, where and when it is to be achieved (I would like to earn an A my Ethics course this term). The goal also needs to be measurable, which means it should apply to both the end result and the objectives to attaining a goal. Measurability refers to quantity - how much, how often, how many? Again, the objectives tell you that you are on the right track to achieving your goal (earning 85 or better on quizzes, 90 on

  • My Goals For College

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    As I start my college career, my primary goal is to be successful. Throughout my life, I have studied hard to prepare for college. Being discipline having good study habits and communicating with my teachers has laid the foundation for me to reach my goals. My goal is to continue to work hard and become familiar with my major, the course requirements and objectives needed to excel and graduate. I will utilize the necessary tools and resources available to me as a student starting with educational

  • GPA Personal Goals

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    Everybody has ambitions that they hope to one day achieve. Whether they are short-term or long-term, goals are what help build the foundation for a successful future. I have goals myself, both personal and professional, that I intend to accomplish. These include acquiring a 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) for the current school year, officially declaring a college major and continuing to build upon my current knowledge base. When one is a senior in high school, an abundance of factors are taken into

  • A Career Goal For A Career

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    Having goals in life is a great way for people to grow and move forward. This ability allows people to have purpose in their life. One career goal that I am currently working on is to attain my Airframe and Powerplant license. Have this certification would allow me to work on many different types of aircraft and have many opportunities to do so. Included with these goals will be taking in to consideration the technology advances to come. Also I will need to develop a plan to reach these goals

  • Short Term Goals

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    short-term goals comprise of gaining new experiences in working with families and students with exceptionalities. This will allow me to handle difficult situations better and come up with a compromise that would benefit the student the most. Another short- term goal is to continue to get A’s in my classes. The reason I include this as a short-term goal is because it ensures I understand the material and therefore will be able to implement it better in the classroom. Similarly, my long- term goal is to

  • Personal Goals And Philosophy

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    My plan would be set a clear goal of how I would like to be and how people will view me as. Then I will need to list the actions that will help me to achieve that goal and start doing it. After starting it I will need to make sure I maintain that well so my actions will be consistent with my values. First, I will need to make commitment to the belief and willingness that I think is important and follow it. For instance, I will make commitment to be an honest, respect and a good listener. I will make

  • Personal Goal Analysis

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    Everyone wants to find their purpose in their life thus what goals and steps it takes to get to their fundamental existence. I believe my purpose is to find what make brings me bliss, feels virtuous, and to make the most of my skills and talents. I want to be in amazing physical shape, get my M.D. in statics, and feel fulfilled in all aspects with my job. For my personal goal, I want to gain 8 pounds of muscle with in a year by working out three to four times a week. This is so very significant

  • My Career Goals

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    ourselves of goals to reach. As you climb higher on the ladder you find yourselves aspiring to take actions that may be more difficult than we imagined. This is just the beginning and we do not give up. As the years come faster I made a list of the things that I am planning on persuing. My major career goal is to go into buisness, and within the buisness industry I want to become a Human Resources Manager. When it comes to my personal goals I have long-term and short-term goals, as a long term goal I want

  • Semester Goals Worksheet

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    Semester Goals Worksheet Name: Connor Koldeway Throughout the semester you will use various worksheets such as this to identify and reflect on the progress you are making (it will be loads!) and the challenges that remain. Please seriously think about your responses before you commit them to this sheet as this will be used by me in evaluating your progress and used by you to assess your growth over the semester. TASK: Identify 3 goals you have for this semester in public speaking. Earning a particular

  • My Mentor's Goals

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    Over the past several weeks, I have been working towards my goals that I made in the first four-way meeting with my supervisors. I have made progress towards my goals, but there are areas of growth within my remaining objectives. My first goal is “To promote and encourage play as a means of maintaining normalcy and a way of coping.” My first objective of this goal is to complete a binder of 12-16 art activities, by midterm. I have completed this binder and it contains 13 art activities, 7 general

  • My Personal Goals

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    follow by formulating a set of particular goals that I can achieve within a short time span. One of the specific goals is an academic goal that requires me to reach at least five scholarships before I graduate from high school. Not only do I make a goal for my academics, but I also construct a personal goal by vowing to read a Tale of Two Cities before I graduate as well. Furthermore, these two goals lead to my ultimate dream. Consequently, I have a career goal that is set for a span of ten years, which

  • My Smart Management Goal

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    My SMART management goal 1. Career goal: I aspire to be a digital marketer. I enjoy marketing and communications and want to combine my skills in these areas with my passion for agriculture. My career goal is to be a digital marketer for an agricultural company. 2. Management-skill objective: To be an excellent manager, I believe that directing is an essential skill to have. Managers must be responsible for staff and moral as well as results. 3. Specific: As an executive board member

  • Goal Setting Case Study

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    According to Bookboon (2012) there are 5 golden principles of goal setting. Based on the case study by Layman. E. (2011) I will try and explain how these principles have been applied in the case study. Clarity in the HIS department is a clear goal that is understood by all employees. Managers and directors of HIS should routinely and periodically asses work for alignment with current processes. Socioeconomic events, cultural shifts, new technologies, new and or revised regulations, accreditation

  • Personal And Professional Goals Essay

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    Personal Statement Describe several personal and professional goals you would like to achieve in the next five years, including why these goals are important to you. Goals are what keep us motivated to keep going and doing better than the day before. It is our goals that help us to keep pushing forward and be the best version of ourselves everyday. I have many professional and personal goals for myself. In the next five years, I hope to obtain my Masters degree in Special Education. Receiving my

  • 'Setting Goals As A New Supervisor'

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    believe to even begin to formulate a plan, an objective is needed. Setting a goal is one of the first few steps that needs to be taken for success in someone’s life. Having a goal or goals is very vital. Not having a goal is like taking a ship, sending it off to sea, with no crew or destination. That ship will end up wrecked on some deserted island somewhere; why? For the simple reason of not having a goal. The article “Setting Goals as a New Supervisor” by Anna Windermere is very exceptional quick read

  • Ciara's Goals For Nursing School

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    Ciara’s goal: To get good grades in both classes Dated: I want to reach my goal by 08.12.2016 Achievable: This is an achievable goal because I will work hard to finish all of my assignments the day that they are given. As well as turn them in head of the due date to insure that they are in on time. Personal: This will help me to keep my GPA up high so that I can have a better chance of being accepted to a nursing program the first time I apply. Positive: This will teach me how to manage my

  • Goal Work Priority Paper

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    Goal Work Priority Provide a brief description about the results the team member achieved this year towards their goals/priorities. As the VFSM, Darius was responsible for helping the Region achieve its sales plan set the direction for the District Managers, he was also responsible for developing the business acumen of the District Managers and provide feedback as to their progress and preparedness for future responsibilities. To help with the District Managers’ growth and development, Darius took