Explain Why I Chose Health Career Pathway

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The reason why I want to be in the Health Career Pathway at Chase High School, for future careers. I have been not sure about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was wanting to go into the medical field but was not sure about it. I did not know what it was about or like what areas I wanted to be in or anything. 2016 summer I was accepted into the Teen Volunteer Program at Rutherford Regional Hospital. I experience what it was like on a daily basis at the hospital. Experiencing this inspired me into going into the healthcare/medial field. I learned in the volunteer program that personal characteristics that you need to have is respect, caring, positive attitude towards everyone. When being in the Health Career Pathway, I need to always be …show more content…

When it comes to controversial healthcare issues, I am going to have that open mind towards the patient, I am going to be mature about the situation. I understand if I would not be able to do this, this could be harmful to someone’s life. My goal is life is to go into the medical field, I want to go to college then after college go into the medical field doing something I love. I am going to reach this goal by being a good student, by studying hard and making good grades. Coming to school each and everyday because attendance is extremely important. Also having a postive attitude towards every situtation that life gives me. I think I should be 1 of the 10 to make it into Nursing Fundamentals class because I have the personal characterics, which would be having respect, caring, positive attitude towards everyone. I already have the experience from the Teen Volunteer Program, that would be useful for me in Nursing Fundamentals class. My dedication towards academics shows that I want to be in the next level, I drive myself to my best and nothing but the best. I am hoping my dedication will allow me to be in the Nursing Fundamentals

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