The Importance Of Volunteering In Life

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Often in life, we come across situations that may stretch us and challenge us, finding ourselves forced to get out of our comfort zone. Volunteering is definitely not for everyone, people may not have the adequate time, confidence, knowledge. But that does not mean you avoid the situation at all times, you must allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and experience things that you would never think about doing. On the first week of volunteering it was a bit intense for me, as I found it difficult and little bit sad to watch the women living the way they do, for some reason I felt that they were always missing their children and grandchildren. Some of the residents did not even have family so they never got visitations. It seemed like many of the women were really lonely. Also it was difficult for me to get used to working with elders as I have never cared for an elderly person, especially those who are totally dependent on others, such as those with severe dementia, often suffering from distressing conditions such as weakness, not being able to properly communicate with others. It made me wonder if this type of job is really for me as I found it hard to keep my emotions in place, causing me to feel extreme empathy towards them. I thought to myself ‘’I am lucky to have grandparents who are healthy’’, which is a though that never crossed my mind previously. After meeting with the women one on one, it was amazing to see how appreciative they actually were that I was

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