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State Veterans homes fill an important need for veterans who wish to spend their last years with other individuals who served in former active duty. Research states that the most preferred service offered is nursing home care. State Veterans homes must be licensed within that state and can perform skilled nursing home services acquired by the state. Every state has the minimum of one home while others may have multiple. Demographics suggest that activities and the social atmosphere of the veteran homes should revolve around the needs of women and men. They are structured to help offer more opportunity to be involved in the community as well. The Mississippi State Veteran Home located in Oxford, Ms., offers a safe and clean environment for …show more content…

I was mainly excited about being able to volunteer somewhere and get the feel of being a social worker. My first thoughts were, where I would I volunteer? The first thing that came to mind was the veteran’s home. I say that because I have an uncle who is a veteran. So initially I felt like if I volunteered their, maybe I could learn what ways I can better assist my uncle in what he is going through. Other thoughts were; would I have to dress a certain way? How could I make a great impression? How can I make them remember me? What exactly would I have to do? My mind juggled up until the day I started volunteering. My feelings about volunteering were neutral. This was something I wanted to experience and was excited about. The licensed social worker that gave me permission to volunteer was Ms. Pearson. I choose this incredible woman because she was the first individual I saw as I walked into the veteran’s home. Not knowing that she was a licensed social worker. I greeted and went on to ask the receptionist where was so and so office. Her office was literally the first office to the right, right around the corner as you first start to go toward the hall. So I said to myself then why not choose her as she is one of the first you will

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