The Benefits Of Homeless Veterans

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As the ones that are protecting and did protect our country, everyone would contemplate that veterans would be treated considerably better than they are today. Although they are left in the streets without food or homes to live in, so they are cold and starving. In the United States of America, we do not provide our veterans with housing when they are discharged from our military. Even after they had fought and endangered their lives to save us and protect our country from other countries that are trying to harm us and our country. From fighting for our country some of the soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, consequently, most of the veterans do not get the assistance that is essential to resolve and or manage the …show more content…

(Homelessness, 2015) The majority of the homeless veterans are between the ages of fifty-one and sixty-one, and most have them have fought in the Vietnam War in nineteen fifty-five. After they ones who risk their lives get home to the United States and leave the military, they do not have a home to go to if they do not have a family. The military does not provide homes to those that serve after they get back till they can get jobs or other places to live, so they end up homeless and alone. We should provide homes for the veterans that risk their lives to save us until they can get back on their feet and get a job and get their own home. The majority of homeless veterans, individuals that are mainly men, ninety- one percent to be exact, they live mostly in cities and may have a mental or physical disability. Veterans are more likely to become homeless if they partake in low socioeconomic status or a mental health disorder, for example, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and traumatic brain injuries. Both of these have been found in a large majority of the homeless veterans. When they have these disorders, it is harder for them. to go back to the civil life that they had before they left for serving in the war. Also, they may not know how to work in any other jobs other than those in the …show more content…

Veterans get health insurance, and benefits from Veterans Affairs for them and their families. The Veterans Affairs in two thousand and twelve, helped over one hundred thousand individuals in over sixty- one thousand homes, they spent nearly three thousand dollars in each household. Sadly nine- point four percent of veterans end up going back to being homeless in a year, and fifteen percent become homeless in two years. Department of Housing and Urban Development helps the veterans get homes, regardless of the discharge status. In two thousand and eight, The Department of Housing and Urban Development assisted seventy thousand veterans, and they spent six thousand dollars per individual. With all these programs, everyone would think that there would not be many homeless veterans in the United States, but people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder cannot deal with the flashbacks of their friends dying, other things that they have seen while they were at

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