Argumentative Essay On Veterans Day

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When citizens of the United States stare up at their national flag - the 13 stripes and the 50 stars that represent the freedom their ancestors fought tooth and nail for - they probably fail to remember the lessons they were taught in school about the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the world wars. In these wars, men fought for their country’s freedom, tossing their own life behind them. Should the country that is being protected by brave men and women ignore their efforts and their struggles? No, and if they were to, they would have to hold no pride for their country, and even less for the struggles of their ancestors. One way America honors veterans is Veteran’s Day. One day out of three hundred sixty-five that America has dedicated to these brave men and women. Even if someone disagrees with war and killing people for a cause, dishonoring veterans is no way to make their point known. If veterans - and those still in the army - were to stop fighting for their country, then where would that leave …show more content…

Many veterans are unemployed due to lack of education, they are homeless because of lack of funds, they are alone because they lack a family, or they are suffering because of the nightmares that come with fighting in terribles wars. America honors the veterans that stand tall when they come back from war-ravaged countries, welcoming them with hugs and thanks and parades. Though when it comes to veterans who lack the materials to take care of themselves and live like a normal citizen, America ignores them, turning a blind eye. They act as if that veteran who is homeless has not gone to another country and risked their life - and for what cause? What would one lose if they were to stop and donate a few coins? Nothing. Even if just one person were to stop and drop a few coins into a cup, the most that would happen would be a “thank you.” As an individual, one should do even the smallest acts to help out

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