Persuasive Essay On Veteran's Day

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Do you have a veteran in your family and live in Kentucky? If you do then you must be bamboozled when Veteran's Day rolls around and you don't get to spend the day with them and thank them for their services to this great nation and preserving our freedom. Less than 1% of Kentucky's schools are on a delay or canceled. You may ask "But this is Veteran's Day one of the most important days to our nation!?! Should schools really be on regular schedule?" And the answer is no schools should not be on regular schedule also I have three reasons with support for each reason on why we should not have school on this great day on which we should remember the people who sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Frist reason is families should and need to celebrate
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A study done by Auburn Montgomery Library states the pros of primary sources vs text books. It shows 9 times out of 10 primary sources tell people more about the subject then text books. Most of the time 1st hand accounts show more details than 2nd hand accounts and is more entertaining to the audiences. Think about it when you where a kid in school how many times did you fall asleep in history when reading a text book and then think about how you could not sleep during a action packed 1st hand account of history.

My last reason is that if we do not learn about the past and the mistakes humanity has made we will most likely repeat it. George Santayana a Spanish-American philosopher, poet, and humanist who made important contributions to aesthetics, speculative philosophy, and literary once said "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.". The past holds mistakes that should not be repeated but most of the time we never look back to the past to make sure we do not repeat those mistakes because we must look back to move forward.

Some may say that education is important to children's mental devolvement and so students should not miss school as much as they can. That is true but a healthy family environment is more important for mental devolvement than education. Not only is it more important but it can

effected their ability to learn because if they have a unhealthy family environment
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