The Importance Of Veterans Day

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Veterans day is a very important day in America (it’s not just an excuse to leave work) Veterans Day is when we remember all of the men and women fighting -and have fought- to keep the liberties and freedoms we enjoy every day. We as American's have grown accustomed to this (and many other) wars, we live in a society that has been affected by the wars so much we chose to neglect the fact that people are dying because of it. We choose not to think of this because it might depress us but, it is the truth. Honestly without days like this where we look and see the people it affects almost as much as the victims, the soldiers. we take all the spoils of the war they fight and most times choose to deny them the certain thing because of their work in the wars. So overall the importance of veterans day is to remember the people that have lost their lives and others who have lost everything

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