Veterans Mean To Me Essay

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You keep walking and then look away as if there is nothing you can do, hoping that someone else will be able to help. It is time to give back and make a difference in the lives of Veterans. Leaving something different can be a scary experience. One of the hardest situations ever occurred to me is not doing what was expected of me. Always afraid to move against the tide, though I decided that was a valuable skill that I should leave. Since January of this year, I have been mentoring Veterans who have been abused or victimized in some way throughout their entire lives. One of the many ways they have inspired me is by giving me the dream to help their outer skills match their inner skills. If I could do one thing to make a difference in the …show more content…

The easiest place in the world to be learn to be an Engineer and surround myself with extraordinary people. I 'm not the same person I used to be, as a result of of life lessons I now understand the reason for higher education at least by my standards. They 're all off in Oklahoma just to work to “make ends meet” and just spoiling their lives away, I desire more for my life. I 'm at the math lab a couple nights a week taking part in group activities and spending time with helping others at my college. I would like someday to organize a program that allows Veterans to go to school for free and their only worry is that of a student. Ideally, I would like done for free. The Veterans I have worked with have experienced such traumatizing things I feel like they would feel so blessed and grateful to experience something like this every school semester. In reality, I 'm still trying to find balance, however I no longer feel comparable a reckless adolescent. Right now, I 'm not looking to be on that road, I 'm being right where I stand. The opportunities of departing for school has been a colossal stepping stone for myself as a veteran and opening a door of wonderful opportunities to succeed in college. It has been a

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