Essay On Concussion

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I have become very fond of new ideas and new strategies to take on life. But my mom’s concussion has made me into a new person. I had to help more around the house, not making as much noise while being in the house and in the car, and being more responsible and taking control over situations like shopping. My mother is still going through this concussion, but she has been getting better. Let me tell you picking up our house is not my cup of tea, but with my sister's help we can pick it up easily. My mom had got her concussion on November 5th when she got knocked over by a student in the hallways. My sister and I have gotten the rooms split up between us, her and I didn't have to do all the rooms but now we have too. We don't like it but my mom grew up in a messier house so she wants our house picked up nice and clean. Since my mom had gotten her concussion she couldn't listen to music in the car and had to take breaks in the middle of the drive. But she's like our taxi driver we need her to get us around. The music issue was a bad thing because our whole family loves to listen to music, while we drive and work in the house. But now she can handle …show more content…

We had a great time while she let us shop by are selfs, sometimes we would even put a few things in the cart and hide them under things. Over all though my mother has made a big improvement, she has appointments in the week so she can get better with using her brain, listening to loud noises, and watching screens with busy streets. I know it may not sound sound like much but, her concussion has impacted not only her but also my family and I. Overall I think her concussion has impacted me in a positive way. I have been brought into a new life, this experience has brought me to overcome obstacles that I never would have been able to do

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