Persuasive Essay On Concussions

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“Smack”! “Bam”! That 's the sound of two helmets colliding. This can result in serious head trauma and concussions. I believe that concussions are being continuously being prevented in sports like football and that the argument of concussions not being prevented well is not completely true.

First thing I would like to talk about is equipment. At USA Today Sports I read that there are groups like NOCSAE that test football helmets with drop tests and ram the helmets with a dummy that can show them results of the impacts to test if the helmets are safe. Another thing I’ve found is that the NFL has advanced its helmets and pads a lot throughout the years and are now from leather helmets to reinforced plastic and metal helmets with impact …show more content…

When a player takes a hit to the head they are evaluated by doctors of sports medicine. According to another article in the National Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. some ways they evaluate players on the sidelines are how straight they can walk down a line, if their pupils have dilated, asking them how many fingers they’re holding up, and by asking the players if they’re experiencing any dizziness or nausea. After players are diagnosed with a concussion they have to pass a cognitive assessment and a balance evaluation before they are allowed to return to play. So as we all can see there is plenty of evaluations and protocols that are already in place.

To sum up all of my statements and opinions on concussions I say that concussions are already being prevented enough because there a lot of equipment development to make helmets more protective with impact technology. There are techniques that are taught to all players to focus on not hitting high. And finally there are numerous and extensive protocols that are enforced and ensured to get and keep concussed players of the field until they are cleared for play. Thanks for listening to my side of the

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