Cause And Effect Essay On Concussions

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Concussions Are Serious Lots of people do not understand how critical a concussion can be today. Concussions are very common. They mostly come from contact sports like football, boxing, and hockey. These sports deal with a lot of contact and players take a lot of beatings. More effective protocols should be implemented to prevent concussions around the professional sports league. Some people do not even know what a concussion is. Some just think it is a bad headache. Actually, a concussion is a disturbance in brain function that occurs after a blow to a head or a conclusion to a violent shake of the head and body (“Brain”). Many of these come from things like head-to-head contact with another player. A lot of people think concussions are not a big deal, but concussions are a big deal. When it comes down to it, a concussion is based as a brain injury (“Concussion Facts”). Some concussions are critical, and some are minor. Most start out as minor and turn to critical because the athlete keeps playing after he or she sustains the brain injury (“Concussion Facts”). Also, different ways exist to sustain a concussion. One is just a simple head blow, like a ball bouncing off a goal and hitting someone in the head. The impact would make the brain shake, …show more content…

Theses effects involve many things from eating to sleeping. One of the problems that scares people the most is loss of sensation/numbness. Lots of people have been reported to not be able to move or feel their legs under themselves (“Neurological”). More symptoms have been named, like losing the sense of smell. To this day, there are still athletes suffering from these things. One athlete who is dealing with the effects of concussion is legendary american boxer Muhammad Ali. He has had so many concussions from getting hit in the head that some of his symptoms have became permanent. Ali has trouble speaking to some one normally. He also has trouble concentrating

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