Should Football Be Banned Tackling?

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Should football rules ban tackling? Tackling football should not be banned because concussions can stop a player from playing, but it’s a personal choice to play football. Just a couple months ago there was football player ruled out name Brandin Cooks remained out for the remaining of the super bowl on February 4, 2018. Tackling should not be banned because it’s a person chooses to play the sport also the person who chooses to make helmet to helmet that person has to pay the hospital fee.Tackling football should not be banned because concussions can stop a player from playing, but it’s a personal choice to play football in bad conditions.
Maybe football should ban tackling in public schools not in the NFL. There are some good points …show more content…

Overall concussion is something that you can not go around. flag vs tackling .”While the NFL has been battling high-profile lawsuits and headlines connecting football and concussions, youth leagues in the Tampa Bay area and across the country are left with their trickle-down effects”. ( baker) Flag football has grown over the past years. In many players eyes tackling need to be ban for the safety of our kids I the little league .
The danger of concussions are very high in football, but helmet safety has reduces the risks of concussion. Helmets is one of the big deal in the 50s. “Awareness of this sporting context in particular can be surmised from a 1958 paper on helmet design, and concussive blows to the head as causes of chronic traumatic encephalopathy” (Casper). In the 50s there wasn’t may changes until over time on head traumatic. A couple of years later helmets were starting to develop and safer and better. In the modern world helmets has establish more of harding shell in the inside instead of the outside, but players are still suffering from depressions and dying on the fields. Skull fractures and broken noses losing teeth have to really change since the …show more content…

The newer technology helmets today prices are $1,500 for the Zero1 custom fit and $250 to $450 for other models currently used in the NFL. New designs are still being made and tested. The Zero1 helmet is not on sales floors yet still being tested but about that helmet is meant to help with crucial hits to the head. “The ZeroTs outside shell gives on impact, absorbing the force of the hit. The Zero1 finished first in a safety test of 33 helmets conducted by the NFL and the NFL Players Association” (Ryan). In the 2017 NFL season there was only a few players actually approve to where the zero1 helmet (Richard Sherman, Alex Smith, and Jadeveon Clowney are among the NFLers expected to wear the Zerol this season.) Other sports are redesign helmets for other sports, such as lacrosse and hockey. Tackling should not be banned because concussion , football dirty hitters should be ejected for that game. NFL dirty hitter can be sued or either sue the league if it is really bad head injury such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).Yet the prohibited keeps happening and, it seems, to a higher degree, because the referee are not really doing their jobs ejecting players that are breaking the NFL

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