My Passion In Life

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What is the definition of the word passion? The definition of that word is “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. " Some are passionate about singing, others are passionate about dancing, perhaps fishing, or travelling. I also have a passion. However, it is slightly different from these. I am passionate about helping other people. Any person with a passion wants to spend as much time as possible doing it because it is something they love, however not everyone has the chance to do so. I feel blessed to say that I had the opportunity to contribute to my passion during this gap year by working as a volunteer in a children’s hospital in Moscow. I worked with children of all ages - from 1 to 14 years, with various diseases and causes for their hospital stay. The diseases vary; some are very serious, even deadly, while other children come to the hospital just for a general check up. The situation at the homes of the children also varies – some come from orphanages and others from loving families who accompany them to the hospital. Why is helping other people my passion? It is hard to explain, but essentially I want to be useful to the society, especially to the children who are in desperate need of attention. Coming back home from a long day at the hospital with plenty of emotions, thoughts and plans for the future feels incredible. Due to that, I wonder – do I give more or do I receive more by being a volunteer? I ask myself

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