Personal Narrative: My Role As A Social Worker

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Social work is a profession that dedicates its efforts to ensure the well-being of individuals and the well-being of the society as a whole. The primary mission of social workers is to meet the fundamental needs of every person, especially the ones with special needs such as those who are oppressed, vulnerable and the people living in poverty. As a social worker, I intend to use these core values such as service, integrity, and dignity as guidelines to my work to make a difference in the lives of as many needy people as I can. My main goal will be to offer services to needy people to help them solve and overcome social problems that they encounter each day in their lives. My personal interests and individual gains will come second to service. …show more content…

Good relationships promote change, unity, and equity. My role here will be to engage clients to work as partners and enhance their interpersonal relationships in the healing process. Friendships and partnerships that begin in the rehabilitation centers always blossom even after the clients are out in the community. This helps in restoring the functionality of the individuals themselves, their families and the community as a whole. Achieving such a scenario will require my patience and dedication as I attempt to achieve positive changes in the lives of the clients. I intend to treat my clients with compassion and care because I understand that every individual is different from another. Each one has his own cultural beliefs and individual diversity. My goal will be to make my clients flexible to change, independent and able to address their own …show more content…

Most of the time I have no choice but to spend from my own pocket to reach places and people who desperately need my help. I have realized that some drug addicts will not come to me for help; therefore, as a social worker, I will dedicate my time to visit them, talk to them and offer them rehabilitation and help. Similarly, when going to areas stricken with poverty, I will have to bring along things like foodstuff and clothes to offer the poor. Voluntary service helps to change people’s perspectives on life and makes them feel obligated to achieve something good as ‘payback’ to the volunteers who help them without asking for pay. Therefore, by doing voluntary work, I will be making a big difference in the society. I will use blogs and social media platforms to create awareness, especially when working with an organization to help more needy people and impact their lives

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