Examples Of Core Values In Social Work

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Social Work Values & Ethics and Supervision The mission of the social work profession is deeply-rooted in a set of core values. The core values are encompassed by social workers throughout our profession 's history, are the foundation of a social worker 's distinct purpose and perception. These value are service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. This group of core values reflects what is unique to the social work profession. Core values and the principles that stem from them, must be poised within the framework and intricacy of the human experience Values are strong beliefs about how the world should, how people should typically behave and the inclination …show more content…

In my social work field supervision, I am expected to abide by the NASW Code of Ethics as well as the state of Alabama code of Ethics. In social work field supervision, it gives me the opportunity to apply theory to direct and community practice with my clients. I also get a chance to learn from a veteran or seasoned social workers by observing, practicing, and experiencing the important integration of theoretical knowledge with practice skills while working with diverse populations and communities. This experience also help me build a sense of professional identity that I can only acquire in a practice setting. Field supervision also help to recognize and adhere to the core values and ethical principles of the social work profession. I also help me to understand the environment and the role of the social worker in that particular environment. I am also able to share my knowledge, values and skills to the practice setting. Field supervision also help me to better understand policies, programs, and how institutions impact the clients system as a whole. I am also able to demonstrate my ability to function responsibly and effectively in an agency setting. In my field experience, I am given the opportunity to deliver the appropriate services to the client systems as defined by their area of specialization. I am also able to implement a range of interventions based on a comprehensive client assessment. I also have the ability to apply social work knowledge and theory to practice using critical thinking in a practice approaches and decisions. It also gives me the ability to engage in social work practice that is sensitive to issues of culture, ethnicity, religion, race, class, sexual orientation, age, gender, and physical and mental abilities. It also instill in me the appropriate and the effective communication skills. I am also able to demonstrate self-discipline, the ability to reflect upon and resolve ethical dilemmas. The field supervision also gives me the

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