Personal Values In Social Work

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Values and Ethnics The NASW code of ethics core social work values is heavily active until this day. The code of ethnic its self is a set of guidelines for the ethnically practice of social work. The core value found in the code of ethics is Social justice, service integrity, importance of human relationship, dignity and worth, and competence. This code of ethics reflexes the relationship of the worker to the client and the worker. These codes of ethnic are placed to improve and establish rules and boundaries from social workers to clients and the importance of the ethnical value its place for the helping of the social worker. Social workers are there to help meet the basic needs of human, also with the need of helping encourage, mentoring, and empower human struggles in society and poverty. The code is designed for many reasons. It identifies core values in which a social worker mission is based, the code summarize broad ethnic principle such as; challenge injustices, respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person, behave in a trustworthy manner, and help people in need and to address social problems. The code is generally designed to help people with relevant needs to there every day life. These codes help apply better and relationship with the worker to client. These values different from personal values because they are more so general then they are personal. The personal values are only effective in a personal and conflicting environment while code of ethics

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