Animal Shelter Persuasive Essay

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Millions of lives just as innocent as the most generous child; Trapped in the barriers we know as cages, that they know as Hell; Too many lives for humanity to just be a bystander. Each and every day is filled with a million moments and opportunities for us to take a stand and make a change. Animal shelters around the world are constantly filling with new animals; it is simply too much for the small amounts of staff on their own to make sure every animal gets the love they deserve, as well as making sure the shelter is kept tidy and operating. Animal shelters need us, young and old, even if only for an hour. That small span of time can make the world for them; volunteering assures that animals will get daily love, lowers full-time staff stress, …show more content…

They are unlikely to be adopted, unlikely to be loved. Forced to just sit and wait for a lifetime, a cough announcing their death, a whimper calling their descent into despair. This is the unfortunate truth for shelters; shelter animals did not choose this life, so why should we make them live it? There is a common saying a quote first voiced by Karen Davison that fits the situation beautifully, “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” One does not even have to adopt to change the world for an animal, doing a simple task, as simple of one as taking a dog outside and walking it; that will make all the difference. According to TheDodo, out of the 7.6 million pets dropped off at a shelter per year, only 2.7 million get adopted. Amy Klein, a frequent visitor of L.A. shelters, comments that often enough, there are not enough volunteers to even take the dogs out to kennels for a mere 20 minutes, also adding that many dogs never get to go outside. This is why me absolutely must take a stand, if nothing else, a person can offer an hour of time to make sure that some animal somewhere feels loved and gets to see the sun, even if just once. That is what volunteers do; volunteers

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