Analysis Of Matthew Bershadker's How To Fight A Puppy Mill

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Matthew Bershadker claims in his article, “How to Fight a Puppy Mill,” that we can end the mass production of puppies by taking the “No Pet Store Puppies” pledge and confronting the government about possible bills regarding animal sales. Bershadker is the President & CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Even though Bershadker does explain the growth in governmental help related to the end of puppy mills, he does not elaborate on the ways in which an ordinary individual can be active in the protest. The race to end puppy mills is important since they are locations where dogs are breed continuously to supply pet stores with puppies and are harmful, both physically and mentally, to the dogs that are housed …show more content…

This was a brilliant way to start off the article since it exposed the dreadful truth behind the mass production of puppies in a puppy mill. The appeal of pathos in this paragraph is evident and is present yet again in the final paragraph of the essay with the usage of the bullet line “[h]umane treatment is not our gift to animals; it’s our obligation” (Bershadker). There are several other examples of the usage of pathos at the beginning and ending of the article but there aren’t any defined appeals of pathos in the body of the article. In an article that is discussing the inhumane treatment of animals, there needs to be a significant amount of pathos present to sway the …show more content…

Even though this is beneficial information since the audience needs to develop a sound connection with the writer, Bershadker never suggests that he was once an ordinary civilian with a courageous heart and knows how one small act of kindness can save a dog’s life. This is an important piece to include in this article since the audience found this article while searching for a way to help helpless animals. The audience wants to know that someone as average as them can help save an animal’s life. Due to Bershadker’s powerful position as President and CEO of ASPCA, he is unable to form the proper connection with his

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