Mental Health Ethos Pathos And Logos

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In the editorial "The health crisis of mental health stigma," the editorial utilizes ethos pathos, and logos, to shed light on the crisis of mental health. According to the editorial mental health is not seen as a significant health issue as others are. This issue is overlooked by many peoples and doctors. The two strongest rhetorical appeals that this editorial uses and applies very well are ethical appeal and logical appeal. Also, manages to include an emotional appeal. The first, most effective appeal that is used is ethos also known as an ethical appeal. An ethical appeal is established by making sure to create credibility by appearing informed, reliable, and reasonable. This editorial established credibility by being in a medical journal,…show more content…
Logos means to use reason and or logic. The editorial talks about how one main cause of mental health is dying decades earlier than one should 've. But this is not because of suicide, which many think it is but it is because of poor physical health. The things that contribute of early dying is medication and personal ways of living. For instance not exercising, not eating well and drugs. Also about how many people are prejudice about what mental health really is. The reason behind why many people do not examine the full extent of mental health is because they do not think it is a serious illness or just needs medication and everything will be fine. People who live a sustained life-style they are less likely to have the feeling of stigma. And created reasoning on how people face mental health issues with complex cultures is because they come from a ethnic background and it is hard for many of them to have a stable life style. Logos was used well in this…show more content…
Pathos could be used more in this editorial by bringing in how people with mental illness feel and how just a normal day can feel like nothing. The lancet could make this a much more effective editorial than it is now. Emotions are something everyone can relate to. After all, the lancet is right on one concluding idea that mental illness is not taken seriously by many people. The homeless are to be helped as our main priority. How can someone say we love helping people when the only people we help is people who are physically hurt. The way this editorial article brings up this idea is by using rhetorical appeal and the main two that is being used is logos and ethos. Pathos is being used but very little. Everyone deals with a lot and it may be personal and it may be physical. But the serious matter at hand is that we need to take this issue more seriously. The ideas that the world has about mental health nowadays does not help. By trying to prevent mental health and getting help from people who really need it is something we need to do. There needs to be an institution to help people who need it and to provide and sanctuary for the people who can not get

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