Mental Health Persuasive Essay

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Intro-hook: Imagine your loved one unexpectedly commits suicide. Your mother, your father, your sister, or your brother. A mental illness such as depression can lead to someone taking their life. The scariest part is that whole time you didn't realize they had those thoughts. But the problem is this happens every 40 seconds around the world and we don't realize it. These problems could be avoided if we learned how to take action in this type of situation. Thesis Statement: My three arguments on why mental health should be talked about more often are how mental illnesses affect Canada, how the government can solve this issue, and how you can help. body-paragraph one: Mental illnesses affect Canada deeply through lost of job days, money, and …show more content…

One huge organization is Bell Lets Talk. They started in 2010 and every January they donate 5 cents for every call and text made from their network. Since 2010 Bell Lets Talk have donated 100 million dollars to mental health initiatives in Canada. They are trying to make a stigma-free country and it expanded worldwide. An additional charity is wear your label. Wear your label was made by Kayley who battled an eating disorder and Kyle who lives with anxiety and ADHD. They both reached out to each other and opened up about their illnesses, which led them to their idea, to makes clothes that open up the conversation about mental health. 10 percent of their profits goes to mental health initiatives. This clothing line has made some great change to break the stigma. The last organization I would like to mention is the bses campaign. Bses stands for break the silence, end the stigma. Bses was made in April 2014 in Nova Scotia. It was made by, now co-presidents Cassandra and Stephanie. They are both best friends and they wanted to end the stigma. Like wear your label, bses makes clothing to break the stigma. Donating to organizations help the mental health initiatives. In conclusion by learning about how you can help someone with a mental illness, you can save a life. Looking back at my three arguments, how mental illnesses affect Canada, how the government can solve this issue,

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