Salvation Army Research Paper

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The salvation army helps lots of people though the many programs they have to offer. Some of these are alcohol/drug rehabilitation, family sheltering and other family/ children program. The salvation army was founded in 1865, east end of london by william booth, for the purpose of offering help to poor as well as preaching the gospel, they help hundreds of families, 3rd world countries and have many programs that support people from poverty many places only ask you to attend your masses. As they gained funding by many volunteer from students to everyday people, and people donating money and other goods they were able to do fulfill one of their biggest projects done yearly, which is the christmas toy drive collecting over 1300 donations and helping over 6000 family just in Middlesex. As time proceeds the salvation army is planes on spreading more Christian faith though their good sewactions, they simply wanna make a morally sound world through their charity. …show more content…

emphasise our integrated ministry reach and involve youth and children stand for and serve the marginalised encourage innovation in mission”( thought the a collaborative effort of the massive amount of volunteers and donation program they have they will help more and more people in struggling situation. You can go to your local salvation army and volunteer or donate and help a fellow person out that isn 't in as good of a place as you. The salvation army does many good thing for local community and on the world wide scale. They want to reach people with love, collect donations and has been doing this for over 150 years.i chose this one because they are one of the oldest charities and have have a local station that I personally have volunteered

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