The Lord Of The Flies: Are People Born Good Or Evil?

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Lord of the Flies

Are people born evil or good? Some people believe that humans are born good but get tempted into sin. Some people believe that humans are born evil and stay that way. Some people wonder if there is an inner debate of the soul. Because everyone is different could we be born with different souls. Some people could be born with evil souls and some could be born with good souls and the reason we are always fighting with each other is because it’s evils opinion against goods opinion. Or are we all born with a nutreal soul and then decide to be either good or evil based on the type of enviroment they grew up in. The most popular opinion is that people are born evil but choose to do good things to make up for it and …show more content…

All around the whole world you can find charities for the less fortunate. There are charities for the hungry, the homeless, and for the sick people suffering in hospitals. At my church my pastor visits people in the hospital and prays for them to get better. My youth group does blood drives for the hungry and homeless twice a year. We also go up to Carpenteria and do ministry for the children up there. It’s a program called VBS and it’s where we teach children about jesus and how he loves us and how kind he was to everyone on the earth. So that hopefully they can go out into the world and share that same love with everyone else. And you have doctors who are devoted to helping people with diseases and illnesses. also in the book Ralph is trying to make shelters for everyone to keep them safe and give them a sense of home. During the Stanford prison experiment the actual boys who agreed to do the experiment had no idea what it was, they thought it would be a fun idea to help out with an experiment. The only reason why the experiment stopped after only a week was because a women who was one of the people behind it saw the prisoners walking to the bathroom and they had bags on their heads and they were in single file and she got upset. She was upset because they lost the purpose of the experiment and actually turned these boys into …show more content…

Humans are born evil but have the chance to do good. Just like in the book Lord of the Flies, Ralph wanted everyone to survive and get home as soon as possible. Also how that one woman stopped an entire experiment because it was taken too far and people started getting hurt. Also Jack let the fire go out but he also got everyone in the camp food. so even when he let Ralph down he made up for it by getting everyone pig. Or how there are so many charities out there in the world just trying to give back to the less fortunate. Yes people are born with sin but there also are ways people can make up for it

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