Inherent Goodness In Lord Of The Flies

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Inherent Good People think that inherent goodness does not exist, but it is more prevalent than one might think. Although the topic of inherent goodness can be difficult to think about, talking about it is sometimes easier. Inherent goodness has been created over time as a mindset that people are born good, and nobody is born bad. Everyone wants to do the right thing. For an extreme example, a terrorist thinks he is doing the right thing by setting off a bomb. Many situations in life can put into action inherent good, and many people will channel this good. Inherent good can be difficult to explain, but many examples can explain it in great detail. Nobody is born with the intention of being a bad person. Sometimes people believe that the evil people in the world have always been bad, but that is incorrect. In the Lord of the Flies, the greatest example of inherent good and original sin is the relationship between the little ones and the big ones on the island. The big ones show how inherent goodness can be affected throughout your life. In the Lord of the Flies, the quote is, “The little ones only cared about eating and …show more content…

Nobody is born bad, not even the evilest of souls. In the Lord of the Flies, the main point of emphasis is that inherent good is in everyone, but so is original sin. The beast is inside of us all, and that is why with every child comes a beast. People turn savage because of their life experiences. Many times throughout our life we must make a decision that can change us forever. Many children on the island face this challenge every day, so they turn bloodthirsty and terrible. Inherent good is more common than original sin, which is very important to recognize. Lord of the Flies is an eye opener when it comes to this topic, and it is very enlightening in terms of looking at the meaning of real

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