Inherently Evil People In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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People, for the most part, are inherently good. It is life that makes them evil, people are affected by events, influences, and circumstances. For the most part, there is an explanation for every “evil” person 's behavior. I will focus on the impact that conditions have on people, as well as the cases of inherently evil people. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a perfect example of inherently good people making poor choices and hurting others because of the things that have impacted them. From the start of the book, readers learn about the neglect and behavior of the alcoholic father, Rex. Some of his behavior is explained when the family stays with Rex’s mother, Erma, in his hometown of Welch. You quickly learn how cold Erma is, and how creepy she is. When the parents …show more content…

But there are people out there who are inherently evil. A perfect example of this is Andy Evans from the book Speak. Andy rapes Melinda, and as seen in the following quote, has mistreated other girls at school as well. This quote is a thought by Melinda after she sees what the other girls have written on the bathrooms tall about what Andy has done to them. “There are more. Different pens, different handwriting…” (Anderson 186) There are many different girls who have written how awful Andy is and how he has mistreated them as well. This shows that what Andy did to Melinda wasn’t in any way a mistake or an accident, it was just something he does to girls. While there may be an explanation for his evil behavior, something that impacted him and made him this way, this quote clearly shows that he has a pattern of evil behavior and it 's just who he is. That is why I stated in my thesis statement that people are for the most part inherently good. Influences, events, and other people leave an impact and can affect people negatively. But it is also true, that in some cases, people truly are inherently

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