Inherently Evil In The Glass Castle

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People, for the most part, are inherently good. It is life that makes them evil, people are affected by events, influences, and circumstances. For the most part, there is an explanation for every “evil” person 's behavior. I will focus on the impact that conditions have on people, as well as the cases of inherently evil people. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a perfect example of inherently good people making poor choices and hurting others because of the things that have impacted them. From the start of the book, readers learn about the neglect and behavior of the alcoholic father, Rex. Some of his behavior is explained when the family stays with Rex’s mother, Erma, in his hometown of Welch. You quickly learn how cold Erma is, and how creepy she is. When the parents leave the children with Erma, she sexually assaults Jeanette 's brother Brian. Rex acts strange and upset when they tell him what happened. The following quote is Jeanette 's thoughts after a conversation between Jeannette and her siblings after this happened. “It was gross and creepy to think about, but it would explain a lot. Why Dad left home as soon as he could. Why he drank so much and why he got so angry.” (Walls 148). Jeannette comes to the conclusion that her grandmother probably did the same thing to her father as she did to Brian, and how it explains his behavior. While Rex’s relationship with his mother is not an excuse for the way he acts and the things he does, it shows how the impact

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