The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Sparknotes

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“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” The
Glass Castle is a spectacular forthcoming book, it is a true eye opener by showing people a look into the life of Jeannette Walls. She didn’t have it easy at all, she reveals growing up poverty-stricken living in harsh conditions, her family could barely afford food and sometimes went days without eating or drinking anything. However Jeannette Walls’s father was an alcoholic who couldn’t hold down a decent job and her mother well, she was nonchalant and free-spirited who seemed to not care of what happened to her children. The memoir allows readers to be able to step into someone else’s shoes and see what it was like to be in the same situations the author went through …show more content…

On the other hand, Jeannette Walls explains how she was raped at a young age which you would think that many people wouldn’t be able to talk or write about that. She described her rape explicitly from how everything had started from the beginning to where she ended getting raped and what she did after it had happened to her. In The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls had encountered racism at the hands of her very own family. When her and her family relocated to Welch where her father’s mother lived, her grandmother was a racist, she said that black people were the reason the city of Welch had gone downhill and that she would never leave the house because she never wanted to see a black person whatsoever. The memoir allows teens to see real-life situations that Jeannette Walls herself had to go through very young and didn’t fully understand everything yet. You can’t judge a book by its cover like how you can judge that person before actually knowing what they went through …show more content…

You couldn’t just judge that person without having background knowledge of what it was like to be in their shoes. In Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls reveals how her and family lived in poverty for a very long time and couldn’t settle down because they didn’t have any money. Jeannette Walls’s father was an alcoholic who couldn’t even bother to hold down a decent job and her mother on the other hand well, she was nonchalant and wanted to do everything the way she wanted too. What would you do if you had parents like this? Or what if you had live in poverty for most of your entire life with no way of getting out of it?. People may question the The Glass Castle for it being too intense or inappropriate for young teens to read, but I mean what do you

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