Summary Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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There are times in summer in which a student wonder’s around doing nothing. Giving a rising senior a book such as The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls will give them an academic activity during their summer break. The vocabulary in The Glass Castle, presents an opportunity for rising seniors to be actively learning in the summer. The words in the book will make the reader engage to new vocabulary. Together with a great plot of rags to riches, Jeannette Walls will captivate any reader not only rising seniors. The reader will feel sympathy toward the reactions of the characters to remedy their problems.The plot of the story allows you to experience Jeannette’s growth and her knowledge of her surroundings as she is being exposed to new people and places. The Glass Castle, will induce a rising senior to continue on reading the book during their summer break. …show more content…

The Walls family faced a poverty crisis and the occasional drinking problem their father had. But whenever the family weren't in an argument they would try their best to lighten the mood. One chapter in the book really captivated me; It was christmas and Rex Walls was giving out his present to everyone he explained them the reality that santa, “he doesn't exist.”. Rex told Jeanette “ ‘Pick your favorite star!’ I said ‘No one owns the stars.’ ‘That's right,’ Dad said ‘No one else owns them, you just have to claim it before anyone else does.’ ” I felt all sorts of emotions when I read this chapter in the book. Rex Wall’s main purpose in doing what he did was to solve the fact he couldn't afford his kids christmas presents. Many emotions similar to this will captivate a rising senior to read this book During their summer

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