Summary Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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This book is by Jeanette walls it is called The Glass Castle and has a total number of 288 pages. The main point in this book is that money isn't the key to happiness and that is what The Glass Castle showcased. The book is showing that you can dream bigger even though you might not achieve those dreams. The beginning of the book was a part where the author introduced the characters which were Jeannette Walls, Rex Walls, Rose Mary Walls, Lori Walls, Maureen Walls , and Brian Walls. The main setting in the beginning was them in a little house that was very run down. The setting also involved a place that was in a drought or was in a desert area. There were many events that happened during this portion of the novel which included Jeannette getting burned and the introduction to the father's Glass Castle idea. …show more content…

When everyone in the the family put in their ideas they were ready to start of building the base of their dream home. It got colder as the year went on so they had to take a break on building Glass Castle. During the long period of taking a break the dad was an alcoholic, so he decided to try and leave the alcohol behind him and restart his life. The little sister Maureen was born in this part of the novel, so that brought on some challenge for the family. The parents made a decision that they needed a break, so the parents dropped the kids off at the dad's parents house. The dad's parents were very mean and intense with the way they treated the kids. After when the parents got back they went home the kids went back to there house. Sooner or later the kids were all grown up and left the parents to go to college in New York

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