Book Report On The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle is a best selling memoir about author Jeannette Walls childhood and what it was like growing up in a poverty struck family of six. It is not the happiest book out there, with all the sad moments you read about Jeannette having to experience, but it is an inspirational one. Jeanette's childhood is not the happiest one. When you read about what she had to go through, you can not help but think about how you could help other children going through what she did. It also makes you think about how lucky the majority of us are to have not only loving parents that would do anything for us, but parents that are going to do anything to provide for us.
The book starts with a three-year-old Jeannette making herself hot dogs. She has always …show more content…

That all changed when she reached her late teens. She starts to dream about escaping the life their parents have forced her to live. Lori, who is the oldest child, and Jeannette devise a plan for them to escape to New York city. Lori will go first and get settled. Then Jeannette will join her so she can finish her senior year of high school and go to college in the city. They start to save money in a piggy bank and Brian even pitched in. They eventually both make it to New York and invited Brian to join them. Over time all four siblings live in New York together. Jeannette has become a successful journalist and author. All three of the oldest children are thriving. Their parents had decided to move into the city to be closer to their children. Soon after they did the youngest child Maureen had a breakdown from all the drugs she started doing. Her parents never kept her away from drugs or alcohol and said it was a phase. They said that she had to work it out herself. She eventually snapped and tried to stab her mother to death. She was put in jail and after she got out of she moved to California. Maureen’s breakdown caused everyone in the family separated for a few years. Months later Jeannette saw her mother picking through a dumpster and decided it was time to try and help her parents. She then arranged a meeting with her mother. She said, “I told Mom she was the snootiest squatter I’d ever met, and that made her laugh. We sat down on the living room couch. I had something I wanted to discuss with her. I now had a good job, I said, and was in the position to her her and Dad. I wanted to buy them something that would improve their lives. It could be a small car. It could be the down payment on a house in an inexpensive neighborhood. “We don’t need anything,” Mom said. “We’re fine.” She put down her teacup. “It’s you I’m worried about” “You’re worried about me?”

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