Analysis Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a memoir about the author’s childhood which includes all of the adventures, struggles, and misfortunes that she went through. Her family was constantly on the move going from city to city, in hopes of finding a safe place for them to stay and progressing towards her father’s goal of finding gold. Throughout their journeys, they encounter numerous difficulties such as poverty, lack of food and supplies, trouble with the law, and being able to survive as a whole family. This story is highly motivating and should be read for summer reading because of the lessons this book teaches. More specifically, this book teaches the importance of staying together as a family and how to survive through struggles. Sticking together as a family is a key element in everyone's lives since it teaches us how working together and assisting each other helps you progress towards success tremendously. This books has multiple examples of how the family sticks together and were able to benefit from it. “The plan was for Mom …show more content…

I disagree with that statement because if the book was only about creating a sad lifestory, then the author would’ve left out many of the good memories she had in her childhood. “Dad joined the local electricians' union. Phoenix was booming, and he landed a job pretty quickly. He left the house in the morning wearing a yellow hard hat and big steel­toed boots, which I thought made him look extra handsome. Because of the union, he was making steadier money than we'd ever seen” (Walls 63). This excerpt shows one of Walls memories of where her family was succeeding financially. If her intentions were to make the audience feel bad for her, she would’ve left these parts out and only have stories of struggle and

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