Summary Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Introduction: The glass castle by Jeannette Walls is the book I chose to read for our summer reading assignment. The glass castle is about 3, eventually 4 kids who have always been told to chase their dreams no matter what happens or where it takes them. The parents which consists of a selfish mom who does stuff to benefit her own needs and a dad who’s a drunk, live by this quote and unfortunately chasing their dream leads them to live their life in poverty, filled with lies, misery, and struggle but with a little hard work, and perseverance the walls children flourish.
Summary: The story starts off with little Jeannette walls at the age of three making herself a hotdog. She leans over the stove and her dress accidently catches on fire and she gets badly burned. She gets taken to the hospital and actually enjoys staying there because she receives things that she doesn’t get at home such as, a room to herself, 3 meals a day, snacks, and chewing gum. But after staying for a while and getting questioned about her life at home her dad decides it’s time for her to leave, so one day he shows up, grabs his daughter, runs out of the hospital and drives off without paying the bill creating the skedaddle. …show more content…

The book really made me think of all the stuff that I take for granted, and how I should be more appreciative and how there are people with less than me who are just as happy if not happier. If you’re not a fan of books that are sad but shocking and at times harsh because you think they’re boring or they don’t fulfill you’re interests, then I would still recommend you try reading the book because it’s very intriguing but I can’t guarantee you’ll love it, and if you do enjoy books like that then I say it’s a must read! Such a great true

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