Summary Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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In the Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls describes her life and the constant struggles her family goes through. Within the first chapter, Jeannette is sitting in a taxi in New York city when she notices her mother digging through the trash. At first, Jeannette becomes very embarrassed since her mother is homeless. Jeannette finally decides to contact her mother's friend, who delivers messages between Jeannette and her mother, and they set up a lunch date. At the lunch date, Jeannette offers her mother money, however, her mom denies it and insists that she likes how she lives.
In chapter two, Jeannette sets the scene back to when she was around five years old. She is standing on a chair boiling hot dogs when all of the sudden, the pot of boiling …show more content…

He throws her into his car where the rest of her family are waiting for her. They all leave town trying to skip out of paying hospital fees or questioning. Jeannette and her family left and went to live in the desert in their car and several nights they had to sleep on the ground; however, Jeannette quite enjoyed sleeping in the desert since she would always get to stare at the stars until she drifted asleep. In the desert, Rex Walls tells Jeannette all of these “amazing” stories that Rex has been through and about a glass castle that he and his family are going to build one day. Jeannette soon become fascinated with fire and loves to play with matches. As her family travels to Las vegas, the children are left in a hotel room without their parents. Jeannette begins to play with matches and soon after a fire starts because of Jeannette, and the entire Walls family leaves Las Vegas. Shortly after, Jeannette and her family learns that her mother is pregnant. That Christmas, the family has no money because Rex is fired from his mining job after arguing with the foreman. …show more content…

She figures out how her father's family has an endless list of problems and issues with them after Jeannette’s grandma molests Jeannette’s brother. After this emerged, the Walls family was no longer allowed to live with Rex’s family. Soon after, Jeannette’s dad disappeared for days at time, and lied about what he was doing when he was gone. That year two men showed up from New York City after seeings Jeannette’s sister, Lori, artwork at a summer camp and unknowingly convinced Lori and Jeannette to

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