Summary Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle is the story of Jeannette Walls and her family. Constantly short on cash and food, the family moves around the country frequently and tries to re-settle. Her family lives in various mining towns on the West Coast of America. As Jeannette grows up in the desert; she is enchanted by the limitless bounds of nature, and the fantasies her father dreams up for her and her siblings. While living in the desert Jeannette begins a rock collection. Through Wallses story we can see that she had a tough time when she was a child. She is growing up in a family that often lack foods and money. Foods and meals have the most different between Wallses family and the city I lived. The citizens of Garden Grove had the better food than the Wallses …show more content…

“We did eat less like we have before, and the refrigerator would be empty again”(67). Her dad is the only person who had a job to work to raise the family. Since dad lost his job; the family have no income. The refrigerator is always empty because there is no food to eat. By that time, the children realize food is going to be scarce. Because the amount of food is not enough for everyone in family; therefore, Jeannette sneaks into her classroom during recess to steal food from her classmate’s lunches. Brian have not eat for a whole day, and he decided to steals a pickle from a neighbor. One day, Dad brings home a bag of groceries which are a can of corn, a half-gallon of milk, and bread. That help family have food for few days. Too hungry, Lori and Jeannette eating the last of the margarine mixed with sugar, and mom yells at them. They admit their hunger, which makes Mom realize how bad their lives are. Opposite Wallses family, the citizens of Garden Grove city had a better life; therefore, they have better amount of foods to provide for them. Their refrigerator is always full of foods, fruit, and milk are ready for them to eat anytime. They have variety of dishes not only one.Therefore, the citizens of Garden Grove city have a better amount of food and good health. These things are showing this is a good …show more content…

Dad do anything to get foods for his family when family ran out of food. He finds the foods in every trash can that anyone left. He gets every food that he caught, and anything can eat. He also steals foods from other’s. Most of the foods Wallses family had depends on the foods that anyone left. Wallses also steal foods in the refrigerator when she plays in her friend yard, and brings it to bathroom to eat. Sometimes dad gets the money by winning the gambling, and Wallses family have food to eat for few days. That is a difficult time in Wallses life. Opposite Wallses family, People live in Garden Grove have a job that help for them to buy all the foods they want. There are many markets in the city, and many foods we can buy from the markets. They also have many fruit trees and many vegetables in the garden. Therefore, people live in Garden Grove have more food

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