The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Analysis

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The Glass Castle
Jeannette Walls
New York

Jeannette Walls was a daughter of a father that was an alcoholic, and parents that did not want to work for what they had. They were always jumping around from home to home, and the siblings were tired of it. At a young age, Jeannette had to learn ow to fend for herself by making food, washing her clothes, etc. It was hard for Jeannette growing up, but as soon as Jeannette and Lori get a chance to move they take it. Jeannette then moves to New York City with Lori where she acquires a reporting job. Their parents follow them to New York, but the children will not help them. The story ends in divorce, and their father falling into deep alcoholism.

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Jeanette must fend for herself even as a three-year-old, and is standing on a stool trying to reach her hotdog that is boiling on the stove. She says, “I felt a blaze of heat on my right side. I turned to see where it was coming from and realized my dress was on fire” (p9). At three years, old humans are not able to yet sense fully what is dangerous or not. While Jeannette is reaching for the hot dog her dress catches on fire, and this leaves her burned badly. Jeannette is then admitted into the hospital where her dad comes and picks her up a few days later, and he takes her without paying the hospital bill.
The Wall’s family the moves to Phoenix. At first everything is looking up for them. Mom 's has a pretty big house for the kids, and they are now eligible to be placed in school. Dad is also in a good position in his job as an electrician. The alcohol takes over him just as things are going good, and yet again he falls on his back. Jeannette begs her father for her tenth birthday to give up the alcohol. Her father does very well for a few weeks, but when the Wall’s family car breaks down in the desert, he begins to heavily drink yet …show more content…

Many times drug and alcohol abusers will blame their problems and addictions on friends and close family members. They normally say that “the reason I do drugs, and or alcohol is because of you”. They try to deflect the blame from themselves because they do not believe that they have a problem. Even though in all reality they have a big problem. If anything is mentioned about the abuser getting help they will deflect it by saying that they are fine, and they can stop using these products on their own when they want. It is also hard for abusers to trust the people that are trying to help them because they feel attacked in a way. At this point the abuser feels like the whole world is against him or

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