Children And Children In Jeannenette Castle's The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls that describes the story of how she came from being a less fortunate child to having a top ten book of the year according to the New York Times. The story focuses on Jeannette and her underprivileged family. The Glass Castle is closely related to Walt Disney’s quote “I don't believe in playing down to children, either in life or in motion pictures. I didn't treat my own youngsters like fragile flowers, and I think no parent should. Children are people, and they should have to reach to learn about things, to understand things, just as adults have to reach if they want to grow in mental stature. Life is composed of lights and shadows, and we would be untruthful, insincere, and saccharine if we tried to pretend there were no shadows. Most things are good, and they are the strongest things; but there are evil things too, and you are not doing a child a favor by trying to shield him from reality.” Just like Disney, Jennette’s parents also didn't believe in downplaying children, in her parents eyes the kids have the responsibility that they should have for their …show more content…

The Walls kids were raised figuring out how to be free. As a result of their alcoholic father, Rex they didn't have advantages that most other children have. The Walls children didn't have two star role models in their lives to help them blossom, however Rex did do what he could to make their life more radiant although more times than others he failed. For example, Rex would show up to church drunk, and degrade the people’s religion all while making the kids and his wife Rose feel embarrassed and ashamed. I'm sure he didn't mean to have them feel that way but it was just who he was, a lousy

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