The Sisters Brothers Manipulation Quotes

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Evil comes in various shapes and sizes. While good is found all over, it is also masked by the evil that overpowers it. Controlled through physical, and verbal manipulation, people are easily tricked into thinking that what is right, is wrong and what is wrong, is right. Whether they are committed to being good, there will always be a moment where evil will darken the bright side of a person 's soul. In the novel The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt, the author portrays the good and evil side of human nature through the main characters to show how susceptible it is to manipulate a person’s mindset to be good or evil. At some point in life, manipulation plays a role. Whether the person is the manipulator or the manipulated. In this case, …show more content…

Charlie does what it takes to get the information he needs. When Charlie and Eli go to meet up with Morris they stumble upon his innkeeper that explains he was not present at the time, and that the only item that was left behind was his journal. Surprised by this Charlie and Eli ask to see the journal, but are denied access to it. Instead, Charlie asks if the innkeeper were to provide food for the two boys. When the innkeeper arrived with their food, she asked Charlie and Eli a few questions. “Charlie did not answer, but dropped to a couch and buried his fist in her stomach, after which she fell back onto a chair and sat bent over, drooling and coughing and generally struggling to regain her breath and composure” (Dewitt 183) Eli stood his ground and did not interfere, while Charlie did what he could to get Morris’ journal. Instead of persuading or bribing the innkeeper Charlie assumed beating her up is the way to handle it. Letting his dark side take over bit by bit Eli sees no way of Charlie 's light side to shine again. Changing a person 's perspective on a subject is next to impossible because their mindset is fixed onto a certain way in which they think is the right way, no matter what the situation

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