Lord Of The Flies Manipulation Analysis

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Manipulation to create power One powerful tool to gain power over an induvidual is minipulation. In goldings novel lord of the flies many characters are minipulated and power changes hand through many characters. The key character that creates power through manipulation is jack. The three ways he uses this manipulation is by violance , food and fear. One of the most powerful forms of manipulation that jack uses in the novel is fear. Everyone uses manipulation In different forms to keep their control. In lord of the flies jack uses fear as a manipulative tool to maintain his control. “the chief was sitting there, naked to the waist, His face blocked with white and red. The tribe lay in semicircle before him. The newley beaten and untied wilfred …show more content…

Being on the island everyone is contsantly faced with the fear of the unknown the younger boys need someone to protect them from the fears on the island. Although nothing manages to scare the boys as much as the beastie does. When a little boy with a mullberry birthmark informs everyone that he has seen a beastie. The older boys emitiatly belive its his imagination but even later in the novel the boys start to question the exsitance of the beast. After the killing of simion, jack is belives ut was simon disguised as the beast, and that the beast is not dead. Jack brings up the topic about the beast at an assembly, and makes the little’uns fear the beastie even more. "Bollocks to the rules! We 're strong - we hunt! If there 's a beast, we 'll hunt it down! We 'll close in and beat and beat and beat-" (p.114) once again jack is sepaking of thr beast again, he is convincing the boys that there absolutely is a beast and that he can protect them by hunting it. Meanwhile piggy dose not belive there is a beast, jack continues to shove the fear of the beast down everyones throats and manipulating the boys so he can gain more power and control over the

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