How Does Golding Use Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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In the book “The Lord of the Flies” Golding’s words reveal the connection of People using fear to controll others, to Jack and his constant drive for power. Terorists groups like ISIS use fear to manipualte the U.S and other contries to gain power in a number of different ways, such as the attacks on Paris, France. While Jack also uses fear to gain the support from his fellow island members in a quest for power. This is highlighted when Jack tries attempts to overthrow Ralph: “Quiet!” shouted Jack. “You, listen. The beast is sitting up there, whatever it is—” “Perhaps it’s waiting—” “Hunting—” “Yes, hunting.” “Hunting,” said Jack. He remembered his age-old tremors in the forest. “Yes. The beast is a hunter. Only— shut up! The next thing is that we couldn’t kill it.…show more content…
By saying the beast is alive atop the mountain and that it’s a hunter Jack uses fear to convince the boys that if someone like Ralph stays cheif they won’t be protected becuase he’s not a hunter. This is also shown after the ISIS terrorists attacks in France: “The coordinated attacks in Paris have fanned fears that terrorists could infiltrate the U.S. by slipping in among the refugees—as might have occurred in the case of one of the Paris attackers.” (Berman) This connects to “The Lord of the Flies,” becuase ISIS uses terorists attacks to impliment fear into peoples mindes in order to become stronger and more of a threat. Thanks to ISIS now “More than half of the nation 's governors—mostly Republicans—are now urging the federal government to keep Syrian refugees out of their states.” (Berman). Now that these attacks have taken place governors are now afraid to accept refugess becuase of the fear that ISIS could enter the
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